The services we offer

For customer important and interesting to see some nurseries. In this way the customers get a clear view of how the nurseries work and what their specialties and possibilities are. Please note that you’ll need ideally two days to visit some of the most interesting nurseries
All customers get weekly an availability list of the plants. That makes it easier for the customers to establish their order. Mentioned on the list, all relevant, specific information for every product available like: variety, form, pot size, type, number of plants per trolley/shelve, recent pictures, prices and growers
Sicil Impex organizes, in collaboration with many international transport companies, the transport of plants in temperature-controlled trucks. The trucks are equipped with CC trolleys which have to be exchanged upon delivery. Sicil Impex has two warehouses in Sicily. All plants are checked thoroughly before loading. This quality control is a very important part of our tasks.Sicil Impex takes care of all orders, complaints and invoicing aspects. In agreement with customers, we organize also special promotions.